Health & Environmental Funders Network

HEFN's homepageHealth & Environmental Funders Network (HEFN) is a group of foundations who are funding at the intersection of environmental health and environmental justice. As one of their primary objectives is to maximize the efficiency of grant dollars invested in that area, sharing information and building relationships are central to their success. With members all over the United States, and just one formal in-person meeting per year, they rely heavily on the web and virtual communications.

HEFN's website includes an extensive resource library with research and reports written by HEFN as well as other organizations. Everything is classified by topic, and in addition to that it's placed into one or more of the organization's four main focus areas: chemicals, communities, energy, and environmental health basics.

Big, bold, friendly icons bring immediate visual recognition to each of the four main focus areas. These icons are defined on the homepage, and are carried throughout the site. Clicking on one of those icons from anywhere in the site will take you to an overview landing page for that focus area.

HEFN's icons for the four focus areas

Landing pages begin with an overview of the issue and some recommended first-reads for those just getting started. Then they go on to list recent resources from the resource library, funder stories in that focus area, and the most recent related blog posts.

HEFN began writing a blog on WordPress in September 2012, nearly a year before beginning this website redesign. The blog was entirely separate from their main website.  As part of the website redesign project, we exported all of the blog posts (including images, comments and categories) from WordPress and brought them into Drupal so that they could be integrated and cross-referenced with the rest of the site's content.

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The HEFN website was produced in partnership with UX Interactive (for project management and Salesforce integration) and Arigam Strategies (for graphic design and theming).