Clean Energy Resource Teams

 HomepageThe Clean Energy Resource Teams—or CERTs—are a non-partisan, non-advocacy group that works with citizens across the state of Minnesota to strengthen their communities by supporting money-saving energy efficiency projects and building entrepreneurship around the state's growing renewable energy industries. Over the past year we've been working with CERTs to overhaul their website, both on the public-facing side and behind-the-scenes.

When we met CERTs they were already using Drupal; however, the software needed a major upgrade. Plus, CERTs had outgrown the old site in terms of the ability to organize and present content. In situations where the site wasn't set up to accommodate a particular type of content, staff was using the sidebars and/or making the pages very long; as a result, most of the site looked cluttered and overwhelming.

We worked with CERTs staff to sort out the different kinds of content that were on the site, their various categories, and the relationships between everything. Since a lot of CERTs' information is categorized by region and/or by technology (e.g. solar power, biogas, recycling), the new site really takes advantage of the more flexible taxonomy system in Drupal 7. 

Much attention was also paid to the visual aspect of the site. Most notably, we took measures to help relieve the eye from too much reading. The page layout forces a bit of blank space, and also takes advantage of some large and carefully-chosen images to help convey the sense of community, environmental stewardship and the importance of clean energy. The result is that it looks much more readable and inviting, even though there is still as much information as before.