Communications Coaching

It's easy to get stuck responding to whatever comes up, at the expense of moving things forward strategically. Especially at nonprofits, which are usually understaffed and overworked, but full of passionate people!

Through communications coaching, Margaux can help you step back and look at your nonprofit's mission, and the steps you're trying to take toward it, and then prioritize them and slot them into your life so that you're in the driver's seat. We can look at social media, your email newsletter, your personal task management, or whatever aspects of communications you find most challenging. And if you don't know, don't worry, we'll figure it out together.

Weekly check-ins help ensure that you're moving forward, but you have space between meetings to put some systems in place and know that you're making progress from one week to the next.

Coaching engagements begin with a 6-week period, checking in for 30 minutes by phone each week. Longer and/or more intensive engagements are available as needed; please contact Margaux to discuss your situation. 

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