You Can't Save the World All By Yourself

  • Posted on: 5 November 2010
  • By: Margaux
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I have always known I wanted to help make the world a better place. Exactly HOW to do that was not so clear to me. I knew of injustices, poverty, sickness... and once I looked more closely I realized they were all connected. We can't look at any one issue in isolation, because one thing affects another.

So I drew it. It's definitely not comprehensive, but it starts to touch on my point.

Here's an example. You can't solve hunger simply by growing more corn, because:

  • If you don't diversify the way you use the land, you destroy the soil and harm the environment.
  • You have to transport it to the people, which probably uses fossil fuels (again, bad for the environment).
  • Some places have problems with corruption and/or infrastructure, which make it impossible to transport to the hungry people.
  • It's not very nutritious, especially when it's GMO, so it would not help people's health.

I like working with organizations who embrace these connections. Organizations who realize we need each other. People who don't think they can single-handedly save the world. Folks who recognize that other points of view are important to hear and consider, even though they may not agree or be convinced.

We cannot live in isolation from others. We cannot save the world alone.

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