The Right NOT to Migrate

  • Posted on: 15 September 2011
  • By: Margaux
CEDECO: Agricultura Orgánica, Recuperando el Futuro

This post is the second in the series inspired by my time at the WOLA Human Rights Award Ceremony and Gala, "Migration and Development: Stories that Make a Difference."

The globalization of food systems, plus the proliferation of large-scale factory farms, hits hard. Not only does it have a huge environmental impact, but it creates an economic situation where small farms often can't survive.

In Central America, farmers are forced to leave their homeland and their families because they don't have any other way to survive. They've lost what most of us take for granted: dignity, security, and the ability to stay where we are.

CEDECO (The Education Corporation for Costa Rican Development) has an approach that is starting to reverse the cycle. They help farmers organize and connect with local and national markets. By eating and earning money in a more local economy, they are more able to support their families. 

CEDECO teaches cooperative, sustainable and ecological agriculture. This way, farmers are able to produce healthy food without compromising natural resources. By being good stewards of their land, they provide food and income security for their families for generations to come.

CEDECO is "recuperando el futuro" -- restoring the future. They're restoring people's ability (and right!) to stay where they are.

WOLA awarded CEDECO the 2011 Human Rights Award for "promoting a successful and climate-smart economic model for small-scale farmers in Central America and beyond." Congratulations, and thank you!

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