Tips on Writing for the Web

be concise!

Earlier this year I put together this summary of tips on writing for the web, at a client's request. I've found myself going back to it several times since then. Hope it helps!

Read this article by Jakob Nielsen (very well-known expert on web usability). It’s old, but still very relevant: “How Users Read on the Web.” In addition, here's my bullet-point summary of how to write for the web, combined from the Nielsen article as well as several others.

Be concise.

Make it scan-able.

  • Use short sentences.
  • Use meaningful subheadings, not “clever” ones.
  • Avoid long paragraphs or large blocks of text.
  • Use descriptive titles.

Use the inverted pyramid structure.

  • Start with the conclusion.
  • Present remaining points in order of decreasing importance.

Make it credible.


great simple tips on writing, very straight forward.


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