Happy Birthday to the Yoga of Nonprofit Communications Podcast!

Yoga of Nonprofit Communications

The podcast celebrates 2 months! Learn about some of the challenges we've addressed so far, including: branding, how to get your board involved in storytelling and/or fundraising, what to do when colleagues don't respect deadlines and it causes problems on your end, and perfectionism.

The Podcast is Here!

The Yoga of Nonprofit Communications podcast is live! You can already hear the first two episodes, listen online, and/or subscribe in iTunes. Read the full post for details.

My Future Podcast

First post of an upcoming series: Follow Margaux through planning and launching a new podcast about marketing and communications for nonprofits!

Best Practices in Nonprofit Management

My overview of The Washington Post Award for Excellence in Nonprofit Management 2015 best practices celebration, told through tweets.

How to Communicate When You Don't Agree

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a hearing at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. Latin America and human rights are very close to my heart, and I’ve worked with nonprofits who advocate in these areas for 5+ years. I’ve known of the Commission (IACHR) for a long time, but hadn’t attended any hearings before, so I figured it was time to go and see how this process works!

What's Your Positive Story?

Our experience in life is made up of stories. Some are good and healthy, but many are not. In the spirit of spring and new beginnings, let's make a new habit.


I've learned a few tricks to help the body balance more steadily, and I think a lot of them offer good lessons for nonprofit communicators too.

The Yoga of Nonprofit Communications

One of the reasons I love working with nonprofits is that it feels so human. We connect with other people because of shared concerns, shared passions, shared goals. It’s more collaborative than competitive. People’s passions can come alive, and it’s contagious! I absolutely love to help people channel their enthusiasm and use it to create real change in the world.

To Tweak or to Redesign? That is the Question.

You've been pushing the limits of your nonprofit's website for quite a while now. You're posting things as "resources" when they are really events. The topics and categories are totally out of control. You hate how it looks. Is it time for a whole new site, or can you tweak this one and make it last a while longer?

How to Use Twitter for More Than Just "Engagement"

Even though most of the talk about social media is around engagement, there are other ways it can be useful. Learn how small foundations can cut through the noise on Twitter and find some of their grantees' success stories.


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